Field Service Operation (FSO) refers to the use of technology to capture field sales or service information in real time.

Real time tracking of work orders & staff, Helps in preventive maintenance, Running Successfully in India & Africa.

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FRT - Field Resource Tracker

Live Monitoring - Real time tracking of field staff, Conveyance Calculator - Settle Conveyance bills with ease by tracking distance travelled. Customizable - Tracking application custom-built around your business, Support low-end Android Devices, App runs in the background, Customized report generation, Geo-fencing.



WFM work order closure reports for a given period (90-180 days) Recommended time for different type of activities Contracted SLA’s to be delivered Current spare parts failure rates Google Matrix API for distance calculation between multiple origins and destinations

  • Traffic
  • Shortest distance between multiple origins and destinations

Clustering basis – minimum number of points in a cluster With assistance in resource planning the idea is to achieve optimal levels of

  • SLA’s – P1, P2, P3 at Customer, Cluster, Region levels
  • Efficiencies – BTS, Patroller, Customer levels
  • Resource allocation/planning



Voice notifications : Predefined voice clips will be played on outbound calls that will be delivered on a shared database of mobile / landline numbers. Voice Notifications can be effectively used for informing customers about their transaction confirmations and / or product / service promotions

Solution which will enable to create an entire information and escalation solution which will keep the Engineers and their corresponding managers aware of the various issues.

Report Generation:

  • Mobile number
  • Date and Time stamp
  • Call duration
  • Customer input (DTMF)